Moreton: Mountains Made of Sand

Moreton Island (NASA, public domain)

Moreton Island (NASA, public domain)

Only 30-something kilometres from downtown Brisbane, Moreton Island, almost completely national park and devoid of surfaced roads despite the smattering of tiny settlements scattered along its western side, still seems like a wilderness of sand, hardy vegetation, and an abundance of wildlife.

Moreton is the world’s 3rd-largest sand island and site of the tallest vegetated coastal sand-dune on the planet. The Cape Moreton lighthouse was constructed with convict labour & remnants of WWII defensive structures still dot the island.

As a child I often sailed there with my family. As an almost grown-up, I’ve walked most of the 35km island through the middle & have circumambulated it via its beaches four times, two in each direction, a journey of 100km/60m.

If I was forced to nominate a favourite place, Moreton would be near the top of the list.

Every time I return to its unspoiled shores I find them remoulded by the inexorable wind and waves…